Rozalynn S. Frazier
Rozalynn Suzanne Frazier is Fitness Editor at Health, where she produces fitness, health, and nutrition content for the magazine’s “Best Shape” section. She is responsible for forecasting fitness trends in both apparel and exercise, and regularly develops workout routines for Health with celebrity trainers and high-profile fitness programs. An avid runner, Frazier has completed five marathons and more than 20 half-marathons.
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The Simple Sneaker Mistake You’re Making

It’s super common and it puts you at greater risk for injury.

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Selma Blair on Why Women Shouldn’t Be Ashamed to Say ‘My Kid is My Life’

The actress opens up about her most cherished (real-life) role: Mom.

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The Amazing Way Kate Winslet Shuts Down Negative Thoughts About Her Body

The Oscar-winner continues not to care about the pressure to be slim, especially post-baby.

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The Awesome Way Kelly Clarkson Responded to Being Fat-Shamed by a Twitter Troll

Thank you, Kelly, for showing us how to knock a hater down a peg without losing our cool.

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The Awesome Way These 5 Models Are Celebrating Their Curves

A model is a model is a model, right? Well, at least that’s the message a collective of curvy women is intent on proving.

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The Best Workout Move You’re Not Doing

It can give you more power when performing explosive movements, like fat-burning plyometric exercises.

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7 Ways to Make Your Treadmill Runs More Effective

Hate it or love it, the treadmill can be a useful training tool. But some common mistakes could be slowing your progress. Here’s how to tread right.

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10 Biggest Workout Trends of 2014, According to Google

As an exercise junkie, you may be familiar with a few of these fitness styles, but others may sound foreign. Here’s the lowdown.

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5 Things You’ll Love From Carrie Underwood’s New Line of Workout Clothes

A sneak peek at country star Carrie Underwood’s brand new active clothing line.

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5 Fitness Trends to Try in 2015

We put our sneakers to the ground to find out what fitness trends could be making their way into your gym in 2015. Happy sweating.

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8 Health Trends That Need to Die, According to Celeb Trainers

Sometimes it’s hard to know which healthy habits are worth your time and which should be dumped like yesterday’s trash. Here, celebrity trainers tell us what needs to go.

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Myla Dalbesio, the Calvin Klein Ad Campaign, and Body Image

The Internet has been abuzz today with a story about a certain model and whether or not her size 10 frame constitutes being “plus-size.” The model in question: Myla Dalbesio, a brunette beauty who recently landed a coveted spot in Calvin Klein’s new lingerie campaign “Perfectly Fit.”

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9 Tips for Running Your Best Marathon Ever

Here are a few basic but incredibly important things to remember during the final countdown to a marathon.

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Your Happiness Break: A Talking Seashell With Shoes

Marcel the Shell is back with a third (adorable) video. Here’s a scientific reason why you should stop EVERYTHING and watch his latest installment.

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The Simple Trick to Run Your Fastest 5K

When people entered the same race as a “rival,” they ran about eight seconds faster per mile.

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4 Reasons to Lift Weights More Often

Strength training does a body good—and we’re talking beyond sculpting sexy muscles. Just squeezing in two strength-training sessions per week can lead to host of good-for-you benefits.

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The Surprising Way Running Affects Your Brain (and Appetite)

We all know that running has plenty of good-for-you benefits. What you might not know is that it may also up your self-control when it comes to food cravings.

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