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Rozalynn Suzanne Frazier is Fitness Editor at Health, where she produces fitness, health, and nutrition content for the magazine’s “Best Shape” section. She is responsible for forecasting fitness trends in both apparel and exercise, and regularly develops workout routines for Health with celebrity trainers and high-profile fitness programs. An avid runner, Frazier has completed five marathons and more than 20 half-marathons.
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5 Head-Turning Workout Outfits

The uniforms of a women’s cycling team from Colombia caused a stir this week. Here is some more outrageous athletic gear.

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This Derek Jeter Farewell Video Will Give You Goosebumps

Let’s face it: It’s been a bad couple of weeks for the world of sports. That’s why we’re totally loving the new Gatorade commercial, “Made in New York,” featuring Derek Jeter.

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What You Should Know About Kanye West’s New Diet

The rapper is working with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and trying his Body Reset Diet. Here’s what it entails—and what it’s really like to drink that many smoothies.

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Get Inspired By This Ace Little League Pitcher—a 13-Year-Old Girl

Mo’ne Davis, 13, is giving new meaning to “you throw like a girl.”

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4 Truths Nobody Ever Tells You About Training

I was never a runner. In fact, I kind of despised running—especially since my high school soccer coach used it as punishment. As an adult, however, I’ve come to love it so much I’ve completed five marathons. But after Hurricane Sandy put the kibosh on last year’s New York City Marathon, I fell off track. Though I stayed active, for four months I never ran. Now I’m training again to run the marathon this November, and dealing with body aches and slooow runs.

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Who Races Up the Empire State Building? I Did!

Who willingly runs up the Empire State Building? Me, that’s who. It’s quite ironic considering I have an aversion to stairs. Seriously, if there is an elevator, I’m taking it. I even take the elevator to my second floor apartment. (Stop judging!)

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Gear Guide: A Sports Bra That Gives Bounce the Boot

What better way to test a sports bra than with a workout that requires a lot of jumping? So I headed to STREB Extreme Action Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to channel my inner gymnast, and give New Balance’s Fabulous Framer II ($42; available in March), which is part of their Psyche collection, a go.

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Gear Guide: Asics Gel-Sustain TR Crosstrainers

With the start of 2013, I came to the realization that I needed some new crosstrainers—-bad!

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Should Lance Armstrong’s Doping Affect His Cancer Charity?

There’s no shortage of athletes who have fallen from grace. Lance Armstrong now finds his name on a list that includes people like Marion Jones and Mark McGwire. I participated in special Nike-sponsored runs where tons of pavement pounders clad in yellow took to the streets of NYC with Lance at the helm. So yeah, I’m a bit annoyed. While not an avid cycling fan, I did admire how he battled his way back from cancer to athletic stardom.

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Gear Guide: The Square by Clean Bottle

I’ve sipped from tons of water bottles in my day. In fact, I have about five different ones (various shapes, sizes, and colors) sitting on my kitchen counter at this very moment. But I think I’m about to give them all the boot for this beauty: The Square by Clean Bottle.

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Video: How to Buy the Best Running Shoes

Let’s face it, sometimes buying new running sneakers can be quite the challenge. And since there are so many cute kicks lining the shelves these days, you may be tempted to buy based on looks rather than what your feet really need. (And that’s a no-no!) That’s why we headed over to the Asics Store here in New York City to chat with running specialist Ricardo.

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Gear Guide: The Cold Roller

I think I am in love…with the Cold Roller. You see, it combines two of my favorite forms of recovery: foam rolling and cold compression.

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Lady Gaga’s Weight: What’s the Big Deal?

Seems like some folks think Lady Gaga has packed on a few pounds–and she doesn’t seem to care one bit. In fact the singer, who is known for some pretty outrageous fashion choices (have you seen her pink and blue oversized dress?), has had no problem tackling all the attention her new curvaceous figure is getting head on.

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Go Outside and Play—Your Health Depends on It!

There are plenty of days when my workload is so crazy that I barely have time to go to the bathroom let alone go outside and languish in the sun. Sadly, I am not alone. A recent online study that polled 943 full-time employed adults revealed that 70% never or rarely take a 10-minute recess type activity break during the course of their day. But this Friday, in honor of Keen’s Worldwide Recess Day, I am making an exception. I am taking my 10 minutes—even if it’s just to speed walk a couple of laps around my office building!

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What I learned from Elite Running Coach Andrew Kastor

There are only two months left until the New York City marathon, and I am freaking out! You’d think after completing five marathons, four of which have been NYC, I’d be an expert at running 26.2 miles. The truth is, every year brings a different set of challenges and doubts.

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Drumming Off the Pounds

Ever wonder why kids get such a kick out of banging the life out of everything in sight? The table. The trash can. The couch. After taking Pound, I now know why.

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What We Can Learn from Diana Nyad

The list of women athletes I admire is long. When I was 10, I wanted to be FloJo—I remember watching her break her own world record and win the gold medal at the 1988 Olympics in the 200 meters.

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