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Foodie Friday: A Favorite Fall Snack

When it comes to fall treats, the high sugar content and calories can add up fast. Halloween candy, we’re talking to you! Yes, sweet cider and pumpkin bread are great once in a while, but the editors at Health have a new favorite–Kind Nuts & Spices.

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Foodie Friday: Foolproof Soup

Sometimes a good, hearty soup is all you need for a healthy lunch or dinner. Broth based soups are especially satisfying and packed with nutrients, but it takes a lot of simmering and stirring to get things right. You can make your favorite one-pot wonders on Sunday and enjoy throughout the week, or make quick, easy meals with a soup base. You’ll find soup base, sometimes called soup starters, in cartons in the soup aisle.

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Foodie Friday: Classic Kettle Corn

Fall fairs and harvest fests bring one of our very favorite treats: kettle corn. This simple snack has been popular for years. Dutch settlers in Pennsylvania enjoyed the famous combination of popcorn with sugar and salt way back in the 1700s! Popcorn is an all-natural whole grain that’s high in fiber. Although toppings are known to add fat and calories, kettle corn can still be a great choice if you’re craving a crunch.

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Foodie Friday: Is There a Better Nut Butter?

In honor of August and back-to-school lunches, lets talk about nut butters. Years ago peanut butter may have been your only option, but today’s grocery stores boast quite a variety of alternatives to peanut butter.

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Foodie Friday: Olympic Eats

More than 9 million tickets have been sold to the London Olympic games. Add those fans to a slew of world-class athletes, officials, broadcasters, and an extensive workforce, and it’s clear that the city will need to be serving up a LOT of food.

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Foodie Friday: We All Scream for (Guilt-Free) Ice Cream!

July is national ice cream month and it’s practically your patriotic duty to celebrate! To indulge without completely derailing your diet plan, try to avoid treats that are relatively high in calories, fat, and sugar.

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Foodie Friday: 5 Fresh Herbs Worth Chopping

Many swear by fresh herbs for the unbeatable flavor they bring to dishes. Seasoning with herbs is also a smarter way to add flavor to recipes, instead of loading up on more salt!

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Foodie Friday in Season: Stone Fruit

Wondering which of your favorite’s for summer are considered stone fruits? These varieties, named for their hard, stone like pit in the center, include peaches, plums, apricots, cherries, and nectarines.

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Foodie Friday: Alternative Milks

With a slew of reasons from dairy allergies and intolerance to lactose, to an interest in healthier, more environmentally friendly drinks, there seems to be a new variety of milk around every grocery store isle.

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Foodie Friday: Grill This, Not That

If you’re like most Americans (82% of us own a grill), you can’t wait to celebrate Memorial Day, and the long weekend marking the unofficial start of summer, by firing up the grill!

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Foodie Friday in Season: All About Asparagus

Spring is a great time to hit the local farmer’s market, with a variety of seasonal fruits and veggies hitting their peek of perfection. Asparagus makes our list of favorite foods for spring, as it’s loaded to good-for-you benefits and can be prepared in many different (tasty!) ways.

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Foodie Friday: Raising the Bar

Nutrition bars travel well and are portion-controlled for sensible snacking while on the go. They make a nice addition to your morning coffee, can give you some pre-work fuel, and offer a save from mid-afternoon hunger pangs before your next meal.

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