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Fact-Checking The Knick: Were Doctors Really Deranged and Drugged Out?

The new Cinemax series “The Knick” paints a shocking picture of medicine in the early 1900s at the fictional Knickerbocker Hospital. It’s so wild-west that you can’t help but wonder: Is this for real?

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Attention Germaphobes: A Less Icky Alternative to the Handshake

You may think a fist bump is strictly for bromances, but it just may be the new greeting of choice for germaphobes everywhere.

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5 Things You Don’t Know About Allergies

The so-called pollen vortex is currently making people miserable, and it’s due to trees lying dormant for longer than usual then spewing their pollen at the same time as grass pollen and mold is gearing up. Find out how to get relief.

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Study Says Breast-Feeding is Overhyped, and This Mom is Relieved

Here’s welcome news for any mom who, like me, couldn’t breast-feed and felt like she was dooming her baby to a fat, hyperactive, less intelligent future: The long-term benefits of breast-feeding have been exaggerated, according to a new Ohio State University study published in the journal Social Science & Medicine.

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Want to Feel Good This Weekend? Sign Up for the March for Babies Fundraiser

Thirty-six years ago this week, my mom gave birth two months early to a two-and-a-half pound baby with undeveloped lungs. That teeny-tiny, very sick preemie is now a horse vet in Virginia, and her survival is in no small part due to the herculean efforts of the 75-year-old March of Dimes. This weekend is the group’s big fundraiser, March for Babies. If you’ve been meaning to get more steps into your day, sign up to walk.

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Tori Spelling and the Risks of Multiple Cesarean Sections

After delivering son Finn Davey on August 30 by C-section—her second Cesarean in one year—Tori Spelling was rushed back to the hospital for emergency surgery (she was just released last night). The 39-year-old new mom’s health scare is again raising the question: Are women getting enough information ahead of time about the risks of the procedure?

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Spotted! A Celebrity Saving A Life

My friend Jon Small was eating out in Beverly Hills last week when he saw Thomas Haden Church—remember him, from the 1990’s TV show Wings, and the movies Sideways and Spider-Man 3?—deliver the Heimlich maneuver and save a stranger’s life.

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When Will Jessica Simpson Lose the Baby Weight? In Good Time, People!

Poor Jessica Simpson: The new mom—to 11-week-old daughter Maxwell Drew—is reportedly stressing out about having to quickly shed her 50 pregnancy pounds to fulfill her Weight Watchers deal.

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