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Lisa Lombardi is the Executive Editor of Health and co-author of What the Yuck?! The Freaky & Fabulous Truth About Your Body. She has written for everyone from The New York Times and MSN to Marie Claire and Maxim. A working mom of two, she is much better at pinning healthy recipes than actually making them.
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You Have to Hear Maya Rudolph’s Hilarious Life Advice (and Song!) for Grads

Saturday Night Live alum Maya Rudolph had some serious fun with her commencement address to Tulane University graduates (including her niece), doling out hilariously random bits of life advice.

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What Real-Life Doctors Say About Mad Men’s Shocking Cancer Diagnosis

Spoiler alert: If you’re behind on your “Mad Men” episodes, stop reading now.

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7 Reasons to Feel Better About Swimsuit Season Right Now

Forget Shark Week and tax day: For many, the most terrifying time of the year is when we take itty-bitty swimsuits into a dressing room lit for heart surgery and see our winter-wasted bodies from eight directions AT ONCE. But really, it doesn’t have to be so scary.

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11 Celebrities on What They Think About Their Breasts

From breastfeeding and implants to bra ambivalence and headlights.

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Why Rita Wilson Says a Second Opinion Caught Her Breast Cancer

Yesterday, Rita Wilson shared with PEOPLE that she recently had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery following a breast cancer diagnosis—one that was almost missed following a breast biopsy.

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Family Reportedly Poisoned by Banned Pesticide at Luxury Caribbean Resort

After an adjacent condo was fumigated, the father fell unconscious and his wife and two sons suffered seizures and were rushed to the hospital.

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This Is Who’s Most Likely to Orgasm, According to Science

When it comes to women reaching the big O, sexual orientation seems to play a role, according to a study published in a recent issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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The Important Cumin Recall You May Not Have Heard About

There is a giant, ongoing recall of cumin and products containing the spice due to undeclared peanut proteins.

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How a Robotic Vacuum Sucked Up a Napping Woman’s Hair

A South Korean woman had to call emergency responders to help free her from the device.

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Why the Internet Should Leave Uma Thurman Alone

Last night, the 44-year-old actress stepped out on the red carpet with minimalist eye makeup and slicked-back bangs. It didn’t take long to see hateful headlines like “What has Uma Thurman done to her face?”

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Why You Should Stop Apologizing For Everything

In the aftermath of Juno, some meteorologists took to Twitter to say sorry for predicting a bigger, badder storm than what actually hit most of the Northeast. But they’re not the only people who rush to apologize for things beyond their control.

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Why Melissa Gilbert Ditched Her Breast Implants at Age 50

The former ‘Little House on the Prairie’ star revealed that she’s ringing in 2015 by removing the breast implants she got in her twenties.

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Angelina Jolie on Getting Chickenpox at 39: “Such is Life!”

While the new movie Angelina Jolie directed, Unbroken, is getting lots of good buzz, the star had to bail on upcoming promotional events for a surprising reason: She has the chickenpox.

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What You Need to Know About the New Mumps Outbreak

Pro hockey players’ health woes usually involve concussions or broken bones, but three NHL teams are fighting an unexpected ailment: the mumps.

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The Magical Thing Disney Is Doing for Kids with Allergies

From peanuts on the plane to dicey local grub, vacations can be a total nightmare for families of the estimated 15 million people with food allergies. But Disney has teamed up with the makers of the EpiPen to provide a safer haven.

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How Much Weight Should You Really Gain During Pregnancy?

Nashville star Hayden Panettiere said she’s gained nearly 40 pounds during her pregnancy so far. Yes, that’s above the target range for a typical pregnant woman (25 to 35 pounds), but here’s what you need to know.

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What the Perfect Breast Looks Like, According to Men and Women

It may sound like a headline from The Onion, but actual British researchers have pinpointed the ideal breast shape, according to a study published in the very real journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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