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Eating a Burger? One Topping Makes It Instantly Healthier

Next time you’re jonesing for a burger, consider topping it with avocado: A new study at UCLA found that it might ease some of the negative effects the meat has on your heart health. In the study, 11 healthy males between 18 and 35 ate hamburger patties plain, and then again with half an avocado spread on top.

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Bad Breakup? Journal-Writing May Worsen the Pain

If you’ve just been through a breakup, you might want to think twice about writing your feelings down—at least according to some surprising new findings.

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Zara Pledges to Phase Out Hazardous Chemicals by 2020

Good news for Zara shoppers of the future: The clothing retailer (the world’s largest, in fact) just committed to eliminating both the use and the emission of certain hazardous chemicals in the making of its products by 2020.

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Ever Dropped Food on the Floor and Eaten It Anyway? Take Our Food Safety Poll

Have you ever dropped food on the floor and then served it anyway? Do you lick the spoon and put it back in pot? Health wants to know. Take our two-minute poll—and find out whether your fellow readers are behaving themselves behind the scenes or not!

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Send Us Your Health Questions!

Alright, ladies (and men). We want to hear your health concerns! In the comments section, post your questions, complaints, and any health-related worries that keep you up at night…whatever’s on your mind. Maybe it’s that you’re sick of dealing with healthcare bills, or maybe you’ve been having a hard time finding a good doctor.

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Microgreens: Baby Greens Healthier Than Full Grown?

If you’ve always thought of microgreens—those delicate miniature leaves often used as a garnish on soups, sandwiches and salads—as nothing more than cute edible decor, well, join the club. But nutrition scientists were bowled over recently by some new findings: The teensy plants (which are usually about two weeks old when they make it onto your plate), actually pack an impressive nutritional punch.

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Elaborate Oatmeal for an Easy Breakfast

I love my oatmeal dotted with fruit, nuts, and other healthy add-ons, but I can’t be trusted to keep myself stocked with all the ingredients—and extra time—needed to properly gussy up my bowl.

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Capoeira: Even I Can Do This Afro-Brazilian Martial Art

When I was in second grade, my inability to do a cartwheel was a huge problem. Twenty-one years later, I tried capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that involves kicks, escape moves, and all kinds of daunting gymnastic flip-flopping—cartwheels, of course, included.

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My Hair Makeover: Coppola Keratin Treatment

Aside from the two years I spent growing out an ill-advised bob, my long, curly red hair has always defined me. But I’ve also always wondered how the other, tidier-haired half lives.

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Making an Important Decision? Grab a Sweet Snack First

Chances are that at some point this week, you’ll get home from work, tired and hungry, and feel very, very tempted to flop down in front of the TV instead of putting on your gym clothes. At least I know that’s usually in the cards for me.

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