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Natalie Vavricka is the Brand Manager for and a total wellness geek. She enjoys the endorphin rush of running abnormally long distances, laughing, reading & writing about the scientific benefits of fiber consumption, French wines & cheeses and terrible reality TV. She is terrified of tequila and olives. Natalie currently resides in a Manhattan high rise with her boyfriend and her upright Yamaha piano.
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3 Powerful Lessons You Can Learn From Centenarians

Bring on the water works. Between 109-year-old Holocaust survivor Alice Herz-Sommer reminding us to ‘look for the beauty in life’ and 101 year old Fauja Singh of India just completing his 9th marathon in Hong Kong, this sentimental girl is shedding some happy tears.

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September is National Yoga Awareness Month

September is National Yoga Awareness Month, but saying goodbye to the month doesn’t have to mean ceasing your sun salutations. I’ll admit that I’ve lost my yoga flow recently—I’m not proud of it, but I’m going to make a conscious effort to pick it back up in October.

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Condiments That I Crave

I’ve never picked up a salt shaker to flavor my food and you won’t find butter in my house, but when it comes to curry powder, olive oil and ketchup, I’m all stocked up. I put these three condiments on everything from plain noodles and chicken to potatoes and eggs. To me, ketchup is the perfect blend of sweet and savory, an easy way to add flavor to an underwhelming meal. I’ll shout it loud and proud: I occasionally put ketchup on Ramen noodles, and I’m not ashamed!

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I Hate the Scale: Here’s Why

I absolutely despise scales. Which is why, when my boyfriend recently ordered one online (for himself, not yours truly) without telling me… I admit that I got a little upset.

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When PMS Strikes, How Do You Fight Back?

I never understood why some women get angry at ‘time of the month’ jokes. Because I, for one, always laugh. Despite doing everything right (exercising, drinking tons of water, getting lots of sleep, eating healthy foods and regulating alcohol, caffeine and sugar), I’m still plagued by this demon.

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Tasty, Fresh-Fruit Cocktails in the City

Ahhhh, summer in the city. Rooftop bars, clear skies, great friends, good music, and sinful concoctions. Drinking while the sun is out feels so deliciously naughty. Sipping cocktails while ingesting panoramic views of New York City makes you wish that summer would never end. Really, can it get much better?

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A Bali State of Mind: Yoga, Tranquility, and Elephants

After nine days, way too many cab rides, and 40+ hours in the air, my long-anticipated Indonesian vacation is officially over and I’m back home in the concrete jungle.

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Overcoming My Yoga Phobia

As someone who has been a long distance runner for the past 15+ years, I think of myself as an athlete. Lifting weights, sprinting up stairs, treadmills, trail runs, push-ups, and interval training are all a part of my normal routine—sweating is my therapy.

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I’m Addicted to Caffeine! Why It’s No Biggie

My name is Natalie, and for the past 10 years, I’ve been addicted to a central nervous system stimulant. I’m in good company though. Every day, thousands of youth experiment with this drug for the first time and instantly become hooked on the giddy rush.

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