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Is It OK to Work Out When You’re Sick?

You’re signed up for SoulCycle class…but you also feel a cold coming on. Is it OK to soldier on?

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The Easy Way to Trick Yourself Into Eating Less

Making food harder to get to often results in big calories savings. Research shows even the smallest tweaks to your environment can make a difference.

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The Belly-Flattening Move That Worked for Megan Fox

Her secret: Hip thrusts.

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3 Easy Ideas for Updating Your Hair Color

Dye job feeling flat and tired? Boost your hue without a major makeover.

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Drink This to Power Up Your Workout

Beat it, orange, grapefruit and apple juice—there’s a new drink in town, and it’s just what the doctor (um, personal trainer) ordered.

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3 Ways to Pamper Your Feet When Wearing Heels

Whether you’re breaking out sky-high stilettos or over-the-knee boots, survive holiday heel season sans agony with these pampering essentials.

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3 Ways to Skinny Up Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Ideas for turning what remains of your feast into healthy things you can munch on for days.

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A Total-Body Move to Get Toned Like Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence always looks ah-mazing! Her secret: full-body compound moves like the Single-Arm Squat/Row.

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Move of the Week: Boat to Canoe With Dumbbells

Try this exercise to get strong, sculpted lower abs.

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4 Face Sheet Masks For Gorgeous Skin

What’s all the fuss about the new sheet masks? Besides being virtually mess-free, dummyproof, and travel-friendly, these single-use masks take skin transformation to a whole new level

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Move of the Week: Deadlift

Want to tone your lower half? Try this exercise from E! host Maria Menounos’ circuit routine.

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Move of the Week: Get Strong Shoulders With the YTWL Exercise

Tone your shoulders or warm up before upper-body strength-training with the YTWL exercise.

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3 Apps That Are Almost as Good as Having a Diet Coach

These new diet apps don’t stop at helping you log your food and track your calories. They actually connect you with advice when you need it most—while you eat.

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Try This Move for Toned Arms Like Carrie Underwood

Country-music star Carrie Underwood, 31, is packing some serious upper-body strength. Try this exercise from her trainer.

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Move of the Week: Close-Grip Triceps Press

This exercise from E! host Maria Menounos’ circuit routine not only tones the backs of your arms, it also engages your core.

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Move of the Week: Booty Burn

This exercise from fitness instructor and TV host Brooke Burke-Charvet works your abs and hamstrings in addition to targeting your butt. What’s not to like?

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Move of the Week: Deadlift With Leg Extension and Overhead Press

This exercise from Alison Sweeney, host of The Biggest Loser, works your whole body while helping your balance and stability.

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