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Move of the Week: Step Up + Bicep Curl

This compound exercise works your butt, leg, core, and arm muscles all at the same time.

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Move of the Week: Dirty Dog

This exercise from Biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom may have a funny name, but it will seriously work your butt, thighs, and core.

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Move of the Week: Stationary Lunge with Pulse

This exercise from Jen Widerstrom, a trainer on The Biggest Loser, is great for shaping your thighs and butt.

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5 Moves You Can Steal from Katy Perry’s Trainer

In case you haven’t heard, Katy Perry will perform at the halftime show of Sunday’s Super Bowl. Perry’s trainer Harley Pasternak says she loves how working out makes her feel. Try these 5 exercises to sweat like a celeb.

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Move of the Week: Leg Drop

Want to tone your tummy? Try this exercise from E! host Maria Menounos’ circuit routine.

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Move of the Week: Side Step With Isolated Bicep Curl

This multitasking exercise from Jen Widerstrom, a trainer on “The Biggest Loser,” works both your inner and outer thighs and will help tone your biceps, too.

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3 Health Tips You Can Totally Ignore

Some popular pieces of health advice are a bit outdated. Here’s what you should forget, and want to do instead.

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The Leg-Sculpting Move That Worked for Mary J. Blige

MJB has a leg up on her fellow songbirds—literally. You can credit this version of a lunge for her toned limbs.

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4 Golden Products That Give You All-Over Glow

From shimmering hairspray to glimmering gloss, the latest crop of gilded goodies will brighten you up all over.

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How Demi Lovato Conquers Everyday Negativity

Demi Lovato shares four easy ways to beat back negativity.

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3 Ways to Avoid Restaurant Fat Traps

Eating out can be a diet minefield—and menus don’t always help, says a recent study.

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What You Need to Know About Fat-Burning Foods

You may have heard that certain foods act as metabolism boosters, allowing you to burn fat faster. That’s only sort of true.

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Is It OK to Work Out When You’re Sick?

You’re signed up for SoulCycle class…but you also feel a cold coming on. Is it OK to soldier on?

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The Easy Way to Trick Yourself Into Eating Less

Making food harder to get to often results in big calories savings. Research shows even the smallest tweaks to your environment can make a difference.

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The Belly-Flattening Move That Worked for Megan Fox

Her secret: Hip thrusts.

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3 Easy Ideas for Updating Your Hair Color

Dye job feeling flat and tired? Boost your hue without a major makeover.

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Drink This to Power Up Your Workout

Beat it, orange, grapefruit and apple juice—there’s a new drink in town, and it’s just what the doctor (um, personal trainer) ordered.

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