Dr. Roshini Raj
Roshini Raj, MD, is Health magazine’s medical editor and coauthor of What the Yuck?!. Board-certified in gastroenterology and internal medicine, Dr. Raj is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at New York University Medical Center, a contributor on the Today show, and a co-founder of the Tula skin care line.
Recent Posts By Dr. Roshini Raj

The Truth About Wheat and Your Waistline

Could eating wheat be giving me a belly?

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Is Ibuprofen Bad for Your Heart?

This common pain reliever (and others like it) may pose a heart risk for some. What you need to know.

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Here’s How to Prevent Runner’s Diarrhea

You’re not alone if your long runs give you the uh, runs of the digestive kind.

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What to Do When Sex Makes You Itch

Semen allergy is a real thing.

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What You Can Do About Acne Scars

There are plenty of options, but you should know a few things first.

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How PMS Makes Post-Workout Muscle Soreness Worse

Why do my muscles get so sore before my period?

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The Truth About Hot Yoga

Is hot yoga (like Bikram) safe?

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Are Weekly Manicures Bad for You?

I’ve read that nail-salon workers are at risk of serious health problems. Are weekly customers in danger, too?

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Why Gel Manicures May Actually Be Worse For Your Nails

How to keep your nails healthy, no matter how you mani.

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Should Women With Lumpy Breasts Get Mammograms Earlier?

Short answer: Not necessarily.

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The Weird Nighttime Habit That Might Help You Sleep Better

Can wearing orange glasses before bed really help you sleep better?

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What You Should Know About Leaky Gut Syndrome

What’s a leaky gut, and how do you know if you have one?

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4 Things That Make You Lose Your Voice

Laryngitis can be caused by more than just a cold.

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3 Things You Can Catch from a Pool

Think a chlorinated pool is a safe, sterile place? Think again.

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Here’s What You Should Know About Natural Family Planning

Hint: You probably won’t want to try it after you read this.

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Why You Really Should Drink Water During Meals

I heard that it’s bad to drink water (or other fluids) during meals. Is that true?

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The Best Way to Treat Airplane Ear

I had to fly home from vacation with a cold, and now my ears are painfully clogged and I can’t hear a thing. Help!

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