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Beauty Must-Try: 10 Ways to Use Bio-Oil

Long used as a topical stretch mark remedy, Bio-Oil is a do-it-all skin saver that contains a non-clogging, natural blend of calendula, lavender, and rosemary oils as well as chamomile extract and vitamins A and E. It does everything from help fade dark spots and acne scars to moisturize all over. Here, my top 10 […]

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Shake Up Your Beauty Routine with a Vitamin Shake

Model, mom, and TV host, Niki Taylor revealed her secret to glowy skin and great hair–vitamin shakes.

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4 Ways to Look Gorgeous After the Gym

Sweaty yoga hair, blotchy gym skin, no thanks! Olympic swimmer and LensCrafters lifestyle expert, Natalie Coughlin, shares her secrets to looking great after a workout.

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5 Beauty Secrets Using Olive Oil

Much like Windex was used to treat every skin ailment from pimples to poison ivy in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) is the ultimate beauty cure-all in my Portuguese family. Here, five fab uses for the ultra-nourishing kitchen staple you can easily incorporate into your get-gorgeous routine.

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Ultimate Beauty Tool: 7 Ways to Use Q-Tips

Personally, I am Q-tip obsessed. I go through a ton of them weekly (love the family pack!) and I always pack a stash of the travel size swabs in my purse. Basically, they’re my go-to beauty tool for well, everything from cleaning out my ears (duh) to concealing my roots. Here are my top seven […]

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The Perfect Shave: Say No To Nicks & Cuts

The trick to getting a perfect shave? A sharp blade. It’s vital to prevent razor burn, nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs as well as folliculitis—bacteria build up that causes pimples and irritation. A blunt razor that scratches or pulls needs a new blade immediately. Another way to know when it’s time to toss your blade is when you have to go over the same portion of skin more than once get a clean shave.

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8 Tips For Putting on Makeup as You Commute

I’m always fascinated by women who can apply a full face of makeup on the subway or bus. While I’m scared of stabbing myself with a mascara wand during sudden stops, learning the art of commuter primping can have its advantages, especially if it’ll get you an extra fifteen minutes of much-needed beauty sleep. Here, celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein shares her secrets to a truly on-the-go, quick and easy, flawless face.

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6 Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Beauty Regimen

Vaseline is a girl’s BFF (and my secret weapon!) when it comes to all things beauty. Not only is it the ultimate multi-use product, it’s super affordable too. Here, six surprising ways to work petroleum jelly into your get-gorgeous routine.

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Scott Barnes: 5 “A-Lister” Makeup Tricks

Scott Barnes, celebrity makeup artist and the man behind J.Lo’s flawless look, definitely knows the secrets to getting that “lit from within” glow we all crave. Check out these makeup tips from his new book, Face to Face.

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7 Ways to Make Your Hair Color Last

Hair color fading fast? Here’s how to prolong your dye job without logging any time in the salon! Cut back on washing strands to every other day. And switch to a shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair. They contain gentler detergents and get rid of dirt and oil without removing color molecules. Stay clear of clarifying cleansers and dandruff products that strip dye.

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Must-Have Fall Color: Wine

Whether you call it Chianti, Bordeaux or burgundy, warm earthy-toned red is definitely the “it” color for fall, says Kendal Perez, deals expert for hasslefreesaving.com. Add the runway trend to your wardrobe with a chic pair of burgundy jeans or simply rock a crimson lipstick.

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4 Ways Baking Soda Can Make You More Beautiful

Yes, you can pamper yourself for just $1! How? Grab a box of baking soda. You may already know that this kitchen staple is ideal for absorbing fridge odors or getting rid of laundry stains, but it’s also a surprisingly multi-purpose beauty ingredient. From zapping zits to keeping your blowout fresh, check out these DIY baking soda beauty tips.

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Vinotherapy: Could Wine Be the Secret to Anti-Aging?

Like to de-stress with a glass of vino? Then you may want to unwind with the latest spa trend—vinotherapy. What is vinotherapy? A trend that uses wine by-products, such as grape seeds, skins, and stems to heal and rejuvenate the body (think Merlot facials, Sauvignon massages, Chardonnay scrubs).

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Dark Skin Patches on Your Underarms? Here’s What to Do

Have you sworn off sleeveless shirts because of dark armpits? You’re not alone. Underarm discoloration (think: red or brown marks) is an issue that 32 million U.S. women experience and it’s a major complaint at the dermatologist’s office.

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How to Fix Droopy Earlobes

Add earlobes to the list of things that start to sag with time! Aging alone makes the earlobe start to lengthen, and if you wear heavy earrings, it only contributes to the droop (as does sleeping or talking on the phone with earrings on).

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Feed Your Face: What to Eat for Healthier Skin

At a sit-down with Adina Grigore, Sprout Skin Care founder and holistic nutritionist, I got the scoop on what to eat for healthier skin. Her #1 tip: keep water in and toxins out.

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Olympic Beauty Secrets For The Active Gal

Whether you love swimming, biking, or running in the concrete jungle, check out, Carmindy’s tips for achieving a sporty-chic look.

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