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How to Stay Fit and Have a Life, 6 Hunger Games-Inspired Recipes, and Why Getting A Degree Could Could Save Your Life

Squeezing in a workout when you’d rather be at happy hour can be tough. Luckily, we found a pro who told us exactly how to fit in exercise and have a life, all at the same time. [dailySpark]
The Hunger Games madness is well underway, and for those who can’t wait until the March 23 premiere, […]

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Health Dangers Lurking in Your Closet, 15 Healthy Oscar-Party Recipes, and Why Microwaves Aren’t So Dangerous After all

Many women would do almost anything for a gorgeous pair of heels or perfectly-fitting jeans—they might even sacrifice their health. Being fashion forward can leave you with more than just a credit card bill, experts say, namely infections, nerve damage, and digestion problems. So what health dangers are lurking in your closet? [TIME Healthland]
In an […]

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The Newest Way to Inhale Caffeine, 10 Healthy Valentine’s Day Foods, and Why Your Doctor Is Telling You Lies

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you don’t want a common cold getting in the way of your hot date. Follow these tips to stay sniffle-free and cuddle up to your honey, knowing you won’t infect them too. [HuffPost]
Then, when you’re feeling healthy, try preparing one of these 10 sexy, healthy foods for […]

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Tips to Prevent Running Injuries

From pounding the pavement running to spending a day in fashionable shoes that lack proper support, feet take a beating. If you’re training for a race this Spring and upping your mileage, it pays to show your peds some love. You can do some preventive prehab to avoid coming down with a case of plantar […]

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Deadly Bacteria in Las Vegas, Healthy Super Bowl Dip Recipes, and Ellen Vs. Michelle Obama: The Push-Up Edition

Some women may have received more than chocolates and roses this Valentine’s Day if Pfizer hadn’t caught their packaging error. The company recalled one million packs of birth control Wednesday, after discovering a mix-up with the pills. [CNN]
Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner, and watching the game isn’t the only thing to be […]

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Mistakes You're Making on the Pilates Mat

Mat classes are the most affordable way to reap the benefits of Pilates. Taught across the country at gyms and private studios, group classes mean you don’t have an instructor cuing and correcting your every move. Make the most of your time on the mat and be mindful of these common mistakes I’ve seen in […]

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Learn to Love Mondays, Good News for Introverts, and How One Ad Took Teasing Paula Deen Too Far

With a gloomy winter in full swing, it can be hard not to get a case of the Mondays. Here are 13 simple tricks to help you love the start of a week—no more counting down the days ’til Friday! [Greatist]
Newly divorced Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital this week for what her reps […]

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3 Things to Monitor During Every Workout

Maintaining a workout routine can be mostly about having the motivation to get up and get out. Even so, you should also have a plan for what you should watch out for while you’re sweating. To get the most of your workout, make sure that you’re monitoring these stats while you exercise.

Heart rate: You should […]

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The Health Benefits of Kissing, Tricks to Improve Your Memory, and Why Gossiping Could Be Good for You

Who doesn’t like a smooch here and there? Turns out kissing is more than just a romantic, end-of-the-night gesture; it has some serious health benefits too. Anyone else really excited for Valentine’s Day? [Greatist]
Winter weather is finally upon us. But just because it’s cold and dark outside doesn’t mean it’s always easy to hibernate. There […]

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Foodie Friday: GoodBelly Probiotic Juice

Skip the morning OJ and try this nutritious, good-for-your-belly juice instead. Packed with exotic fruity flavors, this 50-calorie shot is a good substitute for a daily multivitamin.
The product: GoodBelly Plus probiotic juice drink ($3.99 per pack; Available at Whole Foods Market, Safeway, and specialty stores nationwide)
The taste factor: The juice comes in four flavors: Blueberry […]

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Tiny Yet Mighty Tips For Beginner Yogis

Perhaps signing up for yoga classes was one of your healthy New Year’s resolutions? I have found that yoga can be practiced by anyone at any age and it does a body good . . . both inside and out. And contrary to popular belief, yoga is so much more than just stretching — it’s […]

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Why OJ Might Be a Health-Hazard, Paula Deen’s Big Secret, and How to Save Yourself from a Hangover

We know, you’re detoxing after that New Year’s Eve extravaganza. But just in case you slip up and have a glass of wine (or three), here are 13 legit ways to save yourself from a hangover. [Greatist]
First a ground turkey recall, then the cantaloupe scare, now OJ? The FDA halted orange juice imports from Brazil […]

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How to Choose the Gym That's Right For You

If your New Year’s resolution is to get fit, chances are you might be shopping around for a gym or fitness center, which is not as easy as it sounds. Here’s criteria you should try to check off before signing up for any gym membership.

Location, location, location: Don’t kid yourself into believing that you’ll drive […]

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How to Stick to Multiple Resolutions, Debunked Diet Myths, and Why You Aren’t Losing Weight at the Gym

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to kick off the year, so why choose just one? Follow this guide to get healthier and stay on track with your new and improved budget. [Greatist]
If pounding the treadmill and pumping iron still isn’t helping you lose weight, adjustments need to be made. The good news? These common […]

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3 Must-Have Items For New Year Fitness Goals

For a lot of us, the New Year equals a fresh start, and getting healthy and fit seems to be on everyone’s mind. Regardless of what your fitness goals might be, it’s never too early to start the journey. Here are a few items to get now, which will help ensure that 2012 is your […]

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The Real Amount of Calories in Beer, Winter Health Mysteries Solved, and Why Nuns Might Need to Start Taking the Pill

Cookies, eggnog, and pies may seem like the weight-gain culprits of the season, but don’t forget about the calories in alcohol. Learn the nutrition facts about your favorite beers to keep your body in check during the holidays. Can you guess which brew has the most calories? [Greatist]
Will we really get sick from going outside […]

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How Women Use Tampons to Get Drunk, a Hot New Form of Yoga, and Why Kids Are Good for Your Health

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know hand washing is essential to staying flu-free. Or does it? New research suggests that two out of three med-school students aren’t sure when they should be washing their hands. [TIME Healthland]
Whoever said Bikram was the hottest yoga didn’t try this technique first. Hollywood will tell you paddleboard […]

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