Watermelon Cakes: The Best Healthy Dessert for Your Summer BBQ

There’s no denying that watermelon is the quintessential summer fruit. This low-calorie, thirst-quenching backyard BBQ favorite is a staple in the sticky summer months. When you need to cool down, stat, a juicy slice of watermelon does the trick. But lately on our social media feeds, the fruit has been swapping its signature green rind for something a little different: a light coating of frosting. Watermelon cakes, as they’re called, are an Instagram-worthy dessert that taste indulgent but still manage to be healthy-ish. Count us in.

Even better news: Creating your own watermelon cake at home is easier than you’d think. After slicing off the top and bottom (you’ll want both ends to be flat), carve away the rind to create a cake-like shape. Another option is to cut the watermelon into rounds and stack them on top of each other in layers.

Once you achieve your desired shape, you have a blank canvas to decorate. For frosting, you could go the traditional route and use whipped cream, or make it vegan by using coconut cream. How you choose to embellish your watermelon cake is up to you. Here, a few of the most creative ideas we’ve seen on Instagram.

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Add fresh sliced fruit on top and toasted almonds on the side:

Top with fresh fruit, candy, and candles for a birthday-worthy treat:

You could up your game and create fancy fruit patterns:

#watermeloncake 🎂🍉

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Give it a floral flair with edible flowers:

Make it layered to serve a larger crowd:

Or simply leave it “naked” on the sides to show off the beautiful red hues in all their glory:


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