11 Reasons to Get Excited About Fall

Labor Day Weekend is upon us, and you may be little bummed that summer is unofficially over. Here’s the good news: fall is coming.

In case months of swimming, tennis-playing, and general shorts-wearing has made you forget why fall is one of the greatest seasons, we’ve rounded up a few autumn favorites that are sure to leave you with the warm and fuzzies.

1. Crisp, outdoor workouts.

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty Images

Is she on an endorphin high, or an I’m-not-sweating-through-my-shirt-anymore high? Either way, this is exercise bliss.

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 2. The long-awaited marathon season.

Photo: healthylivingholly.com

Another plus: The colder the weather, the less heat stress on your body. If you’re going long this fall, check out Health’s marathon training program or half-marathon guide to rev up your run.


3. Foot. Ball. Season.

Photo: thacover2.com

The games, the excitement, the tailgating! And if you’re not into sports, get into the food.

(But maybe try one of these 6 healthier tailgating recipes, instead).


4. Raking leaves.

Photo: autumncozy.tumblr.com

Okay, maybe this chore isn’t the best part about fall, but it does burn over 200 calories in 50 minutes according to the National Institutes of Health (based on a 130-pound person). Talk about double-duty yard work.


5. Bonfires.

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And everything roast-able and toast-able. (Like these Banana and Milk Chocolate S’mores, which clock in at 140 calories each.)


6. Cute animals in tiny costumes.

Photo: 4gifs.com

Photo: Photo: thinkingcloset.com

Photo: swagitated.tumblr.com

Not only are they adorable, but looking at funny photos and videos can actually relieve stress. (Though some pets are less than amused.)

Photo: furlocity.com

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7. Mornings spent snuggling under a cozy duvet in a chilly room.

Photo: Flickr, via manyfires

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8. All of the soft sweaters.

Photo: Flickr, via ladesign

Finally, you can wear your warmest, thickest knits without (much) sweating.


9. Re-watching Hocus Pocus for the billionth time.

Photo: sugarbaby202.tumblr.com


10. One word: Pumpkins.

Photo: Flick, via galaxyplateau

Pumpkin everything is coming—picking, carving, noshing (and we won’t pretend we’re not counting down the days to fresh pumpkin pies)—which means, most importantly, the return of…



Photo: seasonal-love.tumblr.com

Yes, it’s happening.

Photo: rich.buzznet.com

Don’t fight it.

Photo: autumncozy.tumblr.com

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