5 New Fitness Quotes to Motivate You

I love motivational quotes, especially when they’re related to health and fitness. They inspire me to become a better version of me. I use Pinterest as a way to organize my favorite quotes and sayings, so whenever I feel like slacking on my workouts or gorging on a dozen chocolate chip cookies, I have some instant motivation to keep me on track. I often check out Health‘s Fit Inspiration board when I need some great new ways to think about fitness. My goals and workouts get an instant lift when I repin my favorites to my own Fitness Inspiration board. Here are a few I love.

Credit: goodbyebabylon.tumblr.com via Health.com on Pinterest

Credit: startnow.stockphotosweb.com via Health.com on Pinterest

I love adding new bits of inspiration to my Pinterest board, but there are a few that are old standbys that always pump me up when my motivation is low.


When I trained for a marathon last fall, I thought about this quote from A League Of Their Own quite a lot. Training to run a 26.2-mile race was a lot of hard work and there were many times I wanted to quit, but I reminded myself if running a marathon was easy, everyone would do it. And knowing that I worked hard to achieve my goal made it that much more “great.”


Since I started CrossFit about a year ago, so many things have changed for me with regard to how I view my body. I used to worry about calories and what the number on the scale said, but now I care more about the weight on my bar and how many kipping pull-ups I can do in a row. I used to want to look like Barbie– all slim and trim– but now I want to be stronger and fitter than Ken– with muscles to show for it!


This quote applies to so many things in life, but when it comes to fitness, it’s important for me to remember. In a sport like running or CrossFit, it’s sometimes difficult not to compare myself to others, which does nothing for my self-esteem or motivation. When I put my energy into being better than I was yesterday, I stop worrying about what other people are doing and start focusing on my own improvements each day.

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